Adopt From Africa Testimonials



Adopt from Africa testimonial

The Leblanc family: Christen and Laura with their children Caroline, Halle, Evi, Aubrey and Jude. Halle and Jude were adopted from Africa through our Adopt From Africa program.

“We are so blessed to grow our family through this organization.  God has guided every step of our adoption process through the prayers and support of those involved with Adoption Heart.  The adoption of Halle and Jude was the first for this agency, but time and time again, God’s favor and providence was clearly seen.  Adopt from Africa really does operate from the heart of God for the glory of His name and the task of putting the lonely in families!  We are so blessed and privileged to be a part of Adopt from Africa and receive the gift of our Halle and Jude.  At every step, Adopt from Africa is truly committed to seeking the Lord for discernment and wisdom and always choosing the road that is honest, above reproach and, above all, honors God.  From the first visit with our children, to getting plane tickets, to meeting with the US Embassy, we were encouraged in the Lord and strongly felt the prayers of all those involved with Adopt from Africa.  We praise God for our experience with Adopt from Africa and for what God is teaching us through our new family!”

-Christen and Laura (Caroline, Halle, Evi, Aubrey and Jude)