Sponsoring an orphan will speed your adoption

We have a few simple requirements for people who want to adopt with us. They must sponsor at least one orphan and communicate with him/her. It costs only $35/month to sponsor a child through our orphan sponsorship site, Shaping Destiny.

This is not just an arbitrary requirement. It will speed up your adoption process. There is a residency requirement by the government of Cameroon that “prospective adoptive parents must have the child in their care and custody for at least three consecutive months before the High Court will consider issuing an adoption decree. ” I have quoted that from the American government website, check here. Sponsoring any orphan through us is accepted as fulfillment of that requirement even if you haven’t yet been assigned an adoptive child. Why? Because we pull all sponsorship money into a pool for the orphans. The courts have accepted certification from our orphanage that sponsors have been taking care of the children. Note that 3 months is the least amount of time. But in reality, the longer the better. In our experience, people who have been sponsoring children for over a year or two have a great advantage in court. The judges want to see that a person cares. They have to try to protect the children from trafficking and so that kind of testimony has been helpful in the past.

Even if you don’t adopt from us, you can still sponsor a child. At least you see our hearts for serving these orphans in that we are waiving fees that every other agency you check will charge in order to help put orphans in good homes. We also use all sponsorship money to care for orphans directly.

Please call us if you have questions.