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Please Note:

Due to lack of appropriate funding, Adopt from Africa is currently working through  pending adoptions at a slow pace. For now, we will not be accepting any new applicants interested in adoption.

Please visit our website in the near future to stay updated. Thank you.

We want to use our 10 years of experience serving orphans in African communities to help you adopt. Here are some of the things we would like to do for you:

  • Faster Adoption: International adoptions usually take years to go through. We do them in record time.
  • Smoother Transition: We own and run the orphanages.
  • $$$ Savings: Our costs are very low that adoptive families save a significant amount of money.
  • Training: We provide training to help you make the transition smoother.
  • Prayer: We take your adoptions as our own. As an organization we will be seriously praying with you for your adoption process.
  • Inspire and help you to serve orphans beyond adoption: Besides helping you adopt, we will help you understand orphan care like never before.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Sponsor a child.
The first step is to sponsor a child for at least six months. We only accept applications from families who are child sponsors with us. Why require people to sponsor first? We are a child care organization that helps our sponsors that want to adopt do so for free. Please note that sponsoring children with us doesn’t guarantee that we will approve you for adoption. This only provides you an excellent opportunity to start serving. If you are approved for adoption, that time will help count toward a government requirement that you should have been taking care of the child. Only sponsor a child if you can do it with joy and do it whether you adopt or not.

100% of child sponsorship goes to care for orphans in Africa.  That’s it. >> Sponsor a child .

Step 2: Communicate with the child.
The second step is to communicate with the child you are sponsoring. This is something many other child sponsors who aren’t  planning on adopting do. As you pray and prepare for adoption, we want you to get to know one of our orphans. This will likely not be the same child you would adopt. Get to know our organization and our children this way as you pray to adopt. This step will actually pay off and speed your adoption. See why here >>

Step 3: Go on a Mission Trip with Us.

The fourth step is for you to go and do a mission trip with us. We encourage families to do this early in their adoption process. This has many advantages. First, it allows families to see how we work on the ground and give them to opportunity to participate. Secondly, it helps families as they seek God to confirm their call to adopt from Africa and through us. Thirdly, it helps make the adoption move faster when it comes time to adopt. The Cameroon government requires that the adoptive families have some sort of sponsorship and relationship with the child they are seeking to adopt. When they come and volunteer, take pictures with our children, this becomes an important persuasive tool that helps show the judge that the adoptive family is really invested in the child. We’ve done this and seen adoption cases completed in less than 3 months!

Step 4: Fill out the Application.
Six months after a family starts sponsoring a child (and hopefully after doing their mission trip), families can fill out the application to start the adoption process.

Step 5: Complete a Volunteer Project.
Complete a volunteer project with us to help us keep the free adoption program going and provide help to orphans on the ground. This requirement is easy to meet but you will have to do a little work. Our goal is to create a community of people who appreciate our sacrifice to help make it easy for them to adopt and who are willing to contribute to make that continue.