Adoption Process through Adopt From Africa

Adopt From Africa’s Adoption Process and Procedures

This is meant to be a summary of steps in an international adoption with Adopt From Africa.  Often several processes are happening at the same time.  The total time period to complete an adoption averages 18 months. Your Case Manager will make things happen as fast as legally possible under the circumstances. Adopt from Africa fees are payable at various steps as work is completed.

Apply with Adopt From Africa

Obtain the Adopt From Africa International Adoption Information Packet from our website or request through the mail.  Call with questions and submit completed Application Form from the Information Packet along with photo, signed Statement of Faith, Child Care Commitment, and Christian Questionnaire.  Upon receipt and initial review of the above forms, Adopt From Africa will schedule an Orientation Meeting at your home. 

Adoptive Parent Training

 After your In-Home Orientation Meeting with your Adopt From Africa caseworker, complete eight (8) hours of Adoptive Parent Training online and required reading.  When online training and reading are complete, you will have a final meeting with your Adopt From Africa caseworker to finish your training.

Home Study 

Choose an agency to complete your home study.  We will have a list of partner agencies we recommend. If there is another agency you would like to perform your home study that is not on our list, please contact your Adopt From Africa caseworker.

Complete Your Paperwork 

You collect all your documents (birth certificate, marriage license, social security card, medical exam, references, fingerprints, home study, etc.) and have them appropriately notarized, certified, and/or authenticated and then submit them to Adopt From Africa.

Adopt From Africa Approval 

Once training is complete and references have been received by the agency, a decision for final approval or disapproval is made from the admissions committee.  Approval Fee is payable upon approval.

USCIS Approval

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) issues its approval of your Advance Orphan Petition (I-600A or I-800A) to adopt an unspecified orphan. This includes getting your fingerprints done when USCIS requests.  Essentially this is USCIS approval for you to adopt an orphan. Actually it is the USCIS pre-approval for the issuance of an orphan visa to your child; the adoption itself is solely between you and the foreign country.

The Referral 

Upon approval of your home study from the USCIS, Adopt From Africa finds an appropriate child for you. We will forward photos and medical information about the child you will consider for acceptance. You will have two weeks to accept the referral.   Placement fee is payable upon acceptance of a referral.

The Adoption Proceedings

Documents are filed in the foreign courts to adopt the designated child. Adopt from Africa collaborates with lawyers to collect your dossier and set up both court dates.


The parents travel to the foreign country for one week to first meet their child and attend your first court proceeding.  You will return nine months later for your second court date and to wait for your child’s visa to travel back to the U.S  
An orphan visa is issued by the U.S. Embassy for immigration to the U.S.  To be eligible for immigration, the child must qualify as an “eligible orphan” under the U.S. Statutes.  Only a U.S. citizen parent may apply for an orphan visa for a child.  Parents may live in or outside of the U.S. as long as one of them is a U.S. citizen. All referred children are both legally free for adoption and eligible for orphan visas. A medical exam by an embassy-approved physician is required.  In Country and Facilitation and Adoption Expenses are due during this time.

Post-Adoption Reports 

Periodic reports on the child’s progress, including photos, are required.  All reports must be sent to Adopt From Africa from the agency that performed the report.  These reports assure the birth country’s government and Adopt From Africa that the adoption was in the best interests of the child. Moreover, the reports serve to assure that adoptions will continue, which is very important for parents who wish to adopt internationally in the future.  Post adoption services fee is payable at each time of service.


You must complete the adoption finalization process in U.S. courts within 12 months of returning to the U.S.