Welcome to Adopt From Africa

Please Note:

Due to lack of appropriate funding, Adopt from Africa is currently working through  pending adoptions at a slow pace. For now, we will not be accepting any new applicants interested in adoption.

Please visit our website in the near future to stay updated. Thank you.

Adopt from Africa is a part of the Shaping Destiny.  We match USCIS approved adoptive parents with adoptive children in need of a family.

We invite you to explore this Adopt from Africa website to learn more about how you can adopt from Africa.  Discover our heart behind adoptions and how you can join us in the effort to glorify God by putting the fatherless in families.

Please review the adopt from Africa information packet to learn more about our services and to discern if our agency is the one to help you build your family.
Adopt From Africa


Why should you choose Adopt From Africa as your agency?

We know that if you want to adopt from Africa, there are many good agencies out there that work with people who are adopting from Africa.

But why is Adopt from Africa different?  Helping people adopt from Africa is not all Shaping Destiny does. We also run the orphanages that the Adopt From Africa program uses for adoptions. Because of that, the process is seamless from child selection to placement. However, this website is obviously only focused on helping people  adopt from Africa. That’s why we chose the name “Adopt From Africa.

Do you want to adopt from Africa? Here are some reasons to use our adopt from Africa program.

The advantages of using the Adopt From Africa Program.

1. Low Agency Fees. Because we run the orphanages, we don’t charge you any agency fees at all.

2. Smooth transition. Why? We actually care for orphans in Africa, we don’t only run an “adopt from Africa” program. We operate orphanages and other child care programs. Because of that, we know the children you will be adopting well. Plus our 10 years experience taking care of orphans will help you with the transition.

3. We pray or fast and pray with you for your adoption process.

Why do we do this? We have a huge passion for orphans. When you adopt from Africa, we see it as though we ourselves were adopting and so we will do everything possible to make that process easy for you. Our motivation is the love of God.